Bare Services

Sugar Lips
Hair is removed from the upper lip and lower lip.
Sugar Chin
Includes jawline and neck.
Sugar Bare Face
Includes brow shaping, forehead, cheek, jawline, sideburn, and neck. You can opt-out of brows.
Brow deluxe
Sugar Bikini Line
keep it neat and tight. includes sides that are visible outside panty Line
Sugar Bikini
perfect for the completely bare look or you can leave a triangle, strip, and square. This service doesn't include derriére strip.
Sugar Brazilian
Perfect for completely bare or you can leave a triangle, strip, and square.
Sugar Gentleman Brazilian
Perfect for completely bare or you can leave a triangle, strip, and square.
Sugar Underarm
includes underarm doesn't include arms
Sugar Full Stomach
Includes hair removal from breast bone to hip
Sugar Half Stomach
Includes hair removal from the top of the belly button to the hip
Sugar Inner Thigh
Sugar Full Leg
Includes both legs. Hair removal from the upper and lower legs also includes toes. This service doesn't include bikini line
Sugar Half Leg
choice of upper or lower legs. Hair removal from knee cap down or knee cap up. This service doesn't include toes or bikini line.
Sugar Full Arm
Includes both arms. Hair removal from the shoulder to fingers. This service includes Underarms.
Sugar Half Arm
This service includes both arms. Hair is removed from the shoulder to the elbow or Elbow to the wrist. This service doesn't include fingers.
Sugar Full Back
Includes length of the back. This service includes the neck and shoulders.
Sugar Full Chest
Includes pectoral muscles nipple, and shoulders.
Full body
we will remove unwanted hair from top to bottom.
Sugar Brazilian & Underarm
Sugar Brazilian & Half stomach
Sugar Brazilian & Inner Thigh
Sugar Brazilian & Trio
Brazilian trio includes: Brazilian, underarm, Half stomach, and inner thigh.
Brazilian & Full derrière
Includes Lower back.
Vacation Package
Includes: Brazilian, Full stomach, Underarm,Full legs, and full derrière.
Includes: Brazilian, Underarm,Full stomach, Full legs, Full derrière and Bare-V Bare-V Intimate facial for your intimate area. We don't nickel and dime you, we have a set rate for this fully customized intimate facial. This allow our estheticians to work their magic and do what is necessary for your skin at the time of your treatment. Facial includes: extractions, no-downtime peel, enzyme, LED.
Brazilian & Bryht Treatment
Our Bryht Treatment is to help uneven skin tone, discoloration, and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation
60 minutes of complete skin reset
For clients seeking solutions to specific skin concerns. 45 minutes facial.
For clients with low-maintenance, problem-free skin. 30-minute facial.
Facial consultation will include a treatment plan, general health knowledge, and skincare knowledge.
Bare Pro signature facial
Our customized facial is designed to give your skin what it needs for lasting GLOW! We don't nickel and dime you. We have a set rate for this fully customized signature facial which allows Tajina to work her magic and do what is necessary for your skincare needs. Every visit, your treatment will be modified based on the current state of your skin. This facial may include professional deep cleaning, double exfoliating in the form of medical grade enzymes and peel treatments, dermplanning, Hydrafacial, extractions and serum infused facial.
Bare Jr. 60 Min Facial
Our signature facial is the perfect introduction to facials. This service enhances skin appearance. Professional cleansing, with light enzymes and light extractions. Serum-infused moisturizer is added to the end of the service. THIS SERVICE IS ONLY FOR AGES 17 & under
Bare V-Facial
Deep cleanse enzyme exfoliation, ingrown hair, whiteheads + blackhead extractions. followed with custom mask and serum.